Pilates Based Strength, Flexibilty and Control, with Focus on Injury Prevention

Sarah Kiely : M. Phty., B.ExSc., APAM

Sarah trained in all styles of dance for 15 years, and completed all of her CSTD examinations in tap, jazz and ballet.

She competed in dance competitions from the age of 5, and has performed professionally as both a dancer and cheerleader. She has been teaching at Gold Coast dance schools for the past 6 years as a CSTD qualified teacher and has seen firsthand the rigors that young dancer students put themselves through.

After completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science followed by her Masters of Physiotherapy in 2016, she is now following her passion to guide young dancers through the demands of dance training. Having lived the same experiences herself, she now wishes to help young dancers understand and care for their bodies whilst striving for their goals as athletic, skilled and informed performers.

This class is designed to help the students perform with an improved awareness of safe dance practises and encourages them, with understanding of muscles alignment, to be more informed about how to safely execute rigorous dance skills and how to individually and intelligently protect and strengthen their own bodies.

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